Tek2Tech Outsourcing

Tek2Tech Outsourcing

Our “TEK2TECH” milling service gives your laboratory essential milling capabilities. The capability to mill the most popular restorations is necessary in today’s industry, and we understand that large milling centers don’t always treat laboratories with the individual attention not only wanted, but required.

With “TEK2TECH” milling you will access the capability to mill full-contour zirconia, zirconia copings, bridge frameworks, and wax-ups—all while receiving individual customer care you deserve.

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Case Scheduler

Cases received before 12:00pm MST start same day, after 12:00pm start following day.

STL File upload - 2 days in house
Model Scan - 3 days in house.

Tek2Tech Products available for milling:
  • Substructure and Full Contour:
  • Wax milling
  • EstheTek Zirconia milling
  • BruxZir Zirconia Milling
  • Anterior Zirconia Milling